Located in the west side of Flores Island, Labuan Bajo has captured everyone’s heart. Surrounded by magnificent seas and decorative evergreen jungles, Labuan Bajo offers guests its own special charm. It is easy to see why guests instantly fell in love with it.

Together with Jeju Island-Korea and Halong Bay-Vietnam, Komodo Island which is located closed to Labuan Bajo, were chosen as one of “The New Seven Wonders of Nature” in 2011. It is a definite must visit for anyone who love the outdoors, especially those who call themselves adventurous because this is the only place where you can experience a direct encounter with the Komodo Dragon –the world’s largest living lizard, which got its name from the island). Also living alongside with the native animal of the island, you can also find other fauna such wild boar, civets, macaques, buffalo and cockatoo. It is important to understand that for safety reasons it is nearly impossible for guests to go to the island by themselves, but worry not because in Labuan Bajo you can find a lot of ubiquitous local tour guides and travel agencies.

Padar and Rinca island are the other two biggest islands which completed Komodo National Park. In Padar Island be ready to go hiking the hills, but once you reach the peak, all the effort and tough hike will worth every second of it. It will probably be the most breath-taking scenery that you ever seen. Prepare yourself by wearing sneakers or running-shoes or hiking-shoes due to a steep and rocky trek-path in Padar Island. You can then freshen-up at the Pink Beach after that trail hiking, whilst laying back in hammock or do some snorkeling if you’re curious about what the underwater has to offer. The pink sands formed from red coral fragments conduce the unprecedented natural phenomenon for the guests. The coral reef begins just in front of the beach, not to deep and not to shallow to snorkel and it is quite safe. This is another best spots of the island.

Next, expand your adventurous-side by exploring Rinca Island with an official tour guide who will be your private chaperon, guiding you through the sightseeing and meeting the Komodo. The savannah grassland ecosystem in this island gives you a different feel of this trip. Based on the tour guide explanation, the komodo in this island is more aggressive compared to the ones in Komodo Island, because of the dryer climate characteristic. You are more likely to spot komodo in here where there is less impact of tourism and denser population. Pay an extra heed while in Rinca, you might be flabbergasted by the sights, but cobras also a prominent features in this island. Due to the high temperature on broad-daylight, they are only active on the night time. Even still, be aware of their left-skin and habitats, you are in the wild landscape!

After trekking and encountering with the komodo, exploring beach and savannah, then it is time to make your way back to the main island of Labuan Bajo. There is a nice spot that will worth your while called the Batu Cermin Cave. It is a pleasant bush walk and will reward you with a natural feast of nature. Only 4km away from Labuan Bajo, it can be reached by 30-mins motorbike driving. Batu Cermin was discovered in 1951 by Dutch Pastor and Archeologist, Theodore Verhoven. Visiting during the mid day would be the best time, because at that time the sunlight that broke on the sideline of the stones then reflected impression of the gloss on the stone – hence a mirror cave which is translated to Bahasa Indonesia as Batu Cermin. Start from the entrance, stalactites and stalagmites are the astounding welcome greetings, the fossil scenery from corals, turtle, tortoise are were on the cave wall allowed you to explore and learn about life back in the ancient times.

All and all, Labuan Bajo gives its guest experiences worth remembering!