How to get there, Labuan Bajo

As one of the most visited and touristic destinations in east Indonesia, Flores Island offers a myriad of experiences which provided by the mother nature. The beauty of the exotics island has reverberated worldwide forging memories to the wonderer.

Choosing and planning the best and suitable trip and accommodation, and also affordable, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us are good at planning the nitty-gritty but some are not. That is why, some of these tips might help your next trip to Flores Island or Labuan Bajo.

Flight by air could be the fastest options. To explore east part of Indonesia, locating Bali as the starting point would give much advantages to the trips. Bali has the second largest and busiest international airport beside Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta), Ngurah Rai Airport provides both international and national flights to/in Indonesia. However, direct flights from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo also available. Here’s the hot tips, flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo only available by using small planes. Kindly ask the ground crew for the window-seat, the fetching scenery during the flights surely will excite you in instant!

If you have plenty of time on your hand, traveling by ferry boat could be the option, which is run by Indonesia’s national corporation, PELNI ( Departing from Tanjong Benoa (Bali), it takes about 35-40 hours to reach your destination. As a side note, the ferry’s schedule only available once in two weeks. You can experience seeing sunset and sunrise from the ferry’s dock and some other remote islands in Indonesia. Weather is the toughest challenge during the trip, on somedays where it gets worse the schedule could be cancelled. Even though the ticket prices’ are very economical, but it is not at the best conveniences. The shared-communal room (economic class) usually crowded by over-boarded passengers. If you traveling in group, you can booked the first or second class, they offered a private separate room for 4-6 people. It can be challenging but hey the journey itself counts as the adventure, right?

Another suggestion is to try to do a road trip by using executive bus. Start off from Mengwi Bus Station (Bali), it will take 2 days on one way trip to Labuan Bajo. During the high season, especially Ramadhan (Lebaran time frame), better to book and arrange the trip in advance, 2-7 days or more. This executive bus services are provided by private travel agent based in Bali, the ticket’s price is quite competitive but it includes the Ferry’s ticket, from Bali to West Nusa Tenggara and to Labuan Bajo. Buy a bus ticket for the whole journey will secured and guaranteed your seat and the ferry’s connections, but lack in flexibility. The bus will take several stop along the way for a quick break. While you traveled thru some cities, you could find a new interesting places for your next holiday spot. Nusa Tenggara is the new emerging travel destinations, so many new places to explore.

Indonesia as a travel destination could be challenging for some and there are some others who would say ‘Why not? Lets go!’ in an instant. It all depends on how you’d like to have your vacation, but what we do now and what we can promise you is every trip has its own vagaries of travel which make it an euphoric moments.

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